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Seasoned Logs

We sell and deliver hardwood logs for wood fires and log burners. We offer a range of order sizes because we know that not everyone can store an entire winter’s worth of logs. Our logs are prepared in a log splitter and are usually between 6-10 inches in length and we have found that they fit most standard log burners.

More Information on our Logs

Where do our logs come from?

Our loads consist of a mixture of different types of hardwoods, and are a natural by product sourced from tree and forestry work.

How should seasoned and part-seasoned logs be stored?

You need to protect logs from rain and keep them off the ground in an airy place such as an open sided lean-to. Logs will rot and go mouldy if you keep them completely covered e.g. with a plastic tarpaulin.

Why should I choose seasoned logs?

Seasoned logs are better for burning than unseasoned firewood. Seasoning (usually by leaving the logs for a period of time in the right conditions) enables a reduction of water content. Well seasoned logs are easier to light, produce more heat, and burn more cleanly.